London escorts for years now – Mayfair Girls

For years now I have worked in London and as a weekly treat I indulge in one of life’s greatest luxuries that being the company of an elite London escort. Now some people look upon this as being quite seedy however it couldn’t be further from that, it is an elegant and sophisticated experience that screams affluence. In order to arrange a booking with an elite escort you first need to find an agency that is offering you girls for company; you can have a search on Google and you will find thousands upon thousands of agencies, some good some bad; however it is always best to have an agency of choice that you will use as a go to. My agency that I regularly use is Mayfair Girls London escorts; I still use other agencies from time to time but the majority of my bookings are done through this agency.

Over the years I have built up a great relationship with the agency and have become a regular and I would count them as friends, they have a great professionalism and are very friendly when you call up to make bookings. Always doing their very best to ensure that my desires are fulfilled, they will ask a variety of questions to establish what it is I am seeking, and then within a matter of seconds I am presented with a selection of girls that fit that criteria and then given a brief description in order to aid my choice. You will not always find this level of customer service at other agencies as most are very money orientated and just want your money however with Mayfair Girls there seems to be a great deal of care for myself as I client; something which was a prominent reason in my decision to go back time and again.

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