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Places to book Paddington escorts (London)

As the ever evolving clientele of the London escort industry, the team at the London escort babes blog is always scouting for new and exciting places to book girls in the city. Today we shall provide some useful advice and website links for places to book Paddington escorts. So, if you’re hunting for a lady to book nearby, read on!

About Paddington and the escorting scene

Interior of the station in Paddington

London Paddington is probably the most famous train stations in the United Kingdom. The Paddington station offers access to both underground and above ground stations, and is an excellent location to set up a meet with a beautiful escort girl if you happen to be visiting the capital.

Paddington escorts

Laura London escort

If you are indeed going to Paddington and you would like to book a girl, luckily for you there are a great many local girls working in the area. London Paddington has always been a great spot for picking up working girls, due to the large amount of thoroughfare and because visitors to the city like to meet their companions when they arrive.

Places you can book the company of a Paddington escort

Listed below are some of our favourite sites to book working girls in Paddington.

  • This directory has quite a few listings of escort girls that work in Paddington. We always like to use London Punt when we’re doing a preliminary scan of escorts in any London area.
  • Dior escorts: Dior is a London escort agency that’s been providing to us for years. Great agency, girls are always professional and on time, and most importantly; they have a good selection of girls who work exclusively in Paddington!
  • Very High End: This is the agency you pick when you want to spend time with a real high class girl. Expensive prices to book, but very worth it.

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Everyone Loves Big Boobs

I do love big boobs, can any man please be honest and say that’s what first catches their eye! I have got to hold my hands up and tell the truth, its what gets me – or should I say they are what they are what, going and I love them.

The Bustiest London Escorts are from Rachaels London Escorts

It doesn’t matter if I am in a bar or looking on the internet at sites like Rachaels London Escorts the boobs are the first thing that I am for, if you visit escorts in London then you will know what I am talking about when I say about these escort agencies. There are so many stunning young ladies in London whom have these massive and sexy boobs, they loving showing them off and for a very some sum you can actually get to play with them.

There is one girl that always stands out to me and her name is Aleeza, she is a brunette who is in her mid twenties and she is from Italy, I do love a sexy accent and since most of the London escorts are from aboard now this is what I always get.

The Price and Where to Meet?

A professional photograph of Aleeza the gorgeous London escort

When I called up Rachaels Escort service I was shocked at the price of Aleeza, I had been so busy looking at her photos and thinking about what I was going to do to her that I never even bothered to look at the price, something that I always seem to forget, I was looking for a 1 hour incall and normally I have to pay around £300 for the type of girls that I like but Aleeza was shocking low, she was just £150 for a one hour incall!!!!! Can you believe that!!! I couldn’t either.

I was given the address details, the lady at Rachaels’ London Escorts text them over to my phone, she is based in Warren Street, very close to both Tottenham Court Road and Warren Street tube stations so getting to her was very simple and wouldn’t take me long from where I am based. To be completely honest I would have travelled anywhere to get to play with the boobs that I saw looking at me from the photo.

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London escorts for years now – Mayfair Girls

For years now I have worked in London and as a weekly treat I indulge in one of life’s greatest luxuries that being the company of an elite London escort. Now some people look upon this as being quite seedy however it couldn’t be further from that, it is an elegant and sophisticated experience that screams affluence. In order to arrange a booking with an elite escort you first need to find an agency that is offering you girls for company; you can have a search on Google and you will find thousands upon thousands of agencies, some good some bad; however it is always best to have an agency of choice that you will use as a go to. My agency that I regularly use is Mayfair Girls London escorts; I still use other agencies from time to time but the majority of my bookings are done through this agency.

Over the years I have built up a great relationship with the agency and have become a regular and I would count them as friends, they have a great professionalism and are very friendly when you call up to make bookings. Always doing their very best to ensure that my desires are fulfilled, they will ask a variety of questions to establish what it is I am seeking, and then within a matter of seconds I am presented with a selection of girls that fit that criteria and then given a brief description in order to aid my choice. You will not always find this level of customer service at other agencies as most are very money orientated and just want your money however with Mayfair Girls there seems to be a great deal of care for myself as I client; something which was a prominent reason in my decision to go back time and again.

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Elle from Dior Escorts

I was going to share with you some details about some of the Eastern European escorts that I have seen lately, these ladies are really the vanilla kind of escorts that there are so many of in London but I decided against it and thought that it would be nice to give you something fresh and different from everything that you normally read about.

The escort that I choose to wrote about it a mature lady called Elle and she is a dream come true, I found her profile on the website of Dior Escorts and she really stood out to me. I have never used Dior Escorts before but thought that I would give them a go and see how things went, I always use an agency, as I don’t like booking with independent girls, as there always seems to be a problem with the booking and it takes a while to get it right. These London escort agencies have it all off down to at, that’s what they do and they know how to do it.

The Background of Elle

Here’s a little background for you all on Elle.

A photograph of the popular London Escort Elle from Dior Escorts.
Dior Escorts, Elle

She lives in Earls Court, in a massive apartment in one of the old conversions which there are so many of in the area, her apartment is one of the best that I have ever been to, look beyond the elegance of the apartment and you will find that this sexy mature babe has a dungeon in her basement – that is what I was after! Elle is only a few minutes walk from the tube station and its worth the messing around having to wait at another door – you will see what I mean when you book her until you get her door number.

When I enter her place I was nearly knocked off my feet, I knew that she was going to look good but not this good. Let me break it down for you.

Elle is 5ft10 without heels, she was wearing 6-inch platform boots so she towered above me – I wanted to be dominated so bad! Her boobs are massive, she is a 34G and they look like they are going to bust out of her top!

She had a whip in her hand and was wearing a strap on, again what I want and I couldn’t wait to play!

If you want some great fun and are not afraid to leave you comfort zone then book this sexy mature escort

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