Everyone Loves Big Boobs

I do love big boobs, can any man please be honest and say that’s what first catches their eye! I have got to hold my hands up and tell the truth, its what gets me – or should I say they are what they are what, going and I love them.

The Bustiest London Escorts are from Rachaels London Escorts

It doesn’t matter if I am in a bar or looking on the internet at sites like Rachaels London Escorts the boobs are the first thing that I am for, if you visit escorts in London then you will know what I am talking about when I say about these escort agencies. There are so many stunning young ladies in London whom have these massive and sexy boobs, they loving showing them off and for a very some sum you can actually get to play with them.

There is one girl that always stands out to me and her name is Aleeza, she is a brunette who is in her mid twenties and she is from Italy, I do love a sexy accent and since most of the London escorts are from aboard now this is what I always get.

The Price and Where to Meet?

A professional photograph of Aleeza the gorgeous London escort

When I called up Rachaels Escort service I was shocked at the price of Aleeza, I had been so busy looking at her photos and thinking about what I was going to do to her that I never even bothered to look at the price, something that I always seem to forget, I was looking for a 1 hour incall and normally I have to pay around £300 for the type of girls that I like but Aleeza was shocking low, she was just £150 for a one hour incall!!!!! Can you believe that!!! I couldn’t either.

I was given the address details, the lady at Rachaels’ London Escorts text them over to my phone, she is based in Warren Street, very close to both Tottenham Court Road and Warren Street tube stations so getting to her was very simple and wouldn’t take me long from where I am based. To be completely honest I would have travelled anywhere to get to play with the boobs that I saw looking at me from the photo.

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